Grand Master Todd Norcross has studied a variety of martial arts over the past 40+ years. He has studied under and lived with world-renowned Grand Masters such as Tiger Lee, Jung Kuk Kim, and Jung Um Kim. Under their instruction, he went through intense physical and mental training and learned that mind, body, and soul are one. He has studied and trained in Hapkido, Tae kwon do, Tang Soo Do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Pagumont, Kali, Dos Pares, Arnis, Shaolin Kung Fu, and White Tiger Kung Fu.

During his 30+ years as a martial arts instructor, Grand Master Norcross has trained numerous champions who have competed in Washington, Oregon and California State Championships as well as the Junior National Championships, Junior Olympics and Pan Am Games.

Grand Master Norcross specializes in teaching practical self defense to students of all ages. He brings a fun and relaxed approach while also instilling the basic tenets of courtesy and discipline which are basic to all martial arts.